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Hihi everyone, these keychains are pre-ordering~~

There are actually five designs in all, to see everything please look at the latest post under:

The five designs currently available are:

  • Cop Sosuke
  • Cop Rin
  • Firefighter Makoto
  • Mermaid Haru (not shown here)
  • Secret limited ver (not shown here)

These keychains are made of rubber and mixed with glitter on the back. The price will be $5 each. All designs are sold separately except for the limited version, to get that you’ll have to purchase the whole set ($25) 

So for whoever would like to purchase these please indication your name, the item you want, and your zip code or country and contact me at kagen.hanakai @
(please no fan mail >w<;;)

She also has a section in my Etsy shop: CLICK

If you spend over $20 on either the keychains or any of her items in my shop, you will get a blue Free! Beach bag for Free! ( I know LOL )

And that’s all folks!
Thanks for reading~ 


I made these new straps ^^

*unofficial goods*

if you want please take the chance~ pre-order is open now!


Haaaiii~~Sorry for not being active lately, been going through quite a lot at home, now it’s all sorted out, and I’m excited to say that I’m applying for this year’s winter Comiket again~~~

I’ve been really into Kancolle recently so haha here we go, hope we get in. New item I’m currently developing is series of Kancolle(艦これ)double sided full body pillows, soon to be available~There are more characters on the way, so please look out for my future post.

If we do get in to C87 then I will sell the R18 copy doujinshi online as well LOL

Another new item is the Free! keychains from Siruphial! If you are our next lucky winner you will be able to choose one of these keychain as your price, for those who’d like to pre-order, please check out the info here:

Pre-orders for the pillows are also OPEN. $50 no filling, $75 with. Please email me at kagen.hanakai @ if you are interested in purchasing~

And now the raffle as usual! 


Starting now til 7/23 at 11:59pm, as long as you reblog this (or any of my later re-bumps), you will have a chance to win a prize! No follow necessary :D

I will select the winner by the end of 25th.

Once selected you will have the freedom to choose from ANY of the items from my store OR one Free! Keychain from Siruphial.

ps. please note that any Guilt Pleasure’s design will NOT be part of the prize.

Available prizes include (pick one):

  • 1 Mousepad
  • 2 Decals
  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Iphone case
  • 1 Free! Keychain (shown in photo)

I’ll cover the shipping if you are living in the US, and I will give you a big discount on shipping if you live outside of the states.

Good luck to you all, and Thanks for reblog <3


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